Does Closing Your Vents Save $ on the Heating Bill?

Saving energy means saving money.  Saving energy should be good for the planet too.  So far, our hearts are in the right place.

But does closing the vents in an unoccupied room help lower heating costs?

The idea is that closing those vents is like shutting off the lights – a prudent step seemingly.

It turns out, it doesn’t work that way.  Your heating equipment is going to do the same amount of work and absorb the same amount of energy regardless of how many vents are opened or closed.  Further, the system was likely custom designed for your home to run with the vents open.  Closing vents can put pressure on your system and cause premature breakdowns.

This means that closing vents results in no savings and potentially higher repair costs. Better to leave the vents open and enjoy your evenly heated space.  If you want to save, lower the thermostat for the entire living space.

Have a happy and warm Thanksgiving!

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