5 Myths About Human Trafficking

Here’s something no one likes to think about – human trafficking.  That’s something that happens somewhere else, not in the nice place where I live, right?  Maybe not.  Let’s explore the five myths about human trafficking.

  1. Victims aren’t kidnapped. Most victims are preyed upon by someone they know. Snatched into a van? That only happens in the movies.
  2. This doesn’t happen in my neighborhood. In fact, trafficking can occur anywhere and does.  In Florida, trafficking is so common that training is required for multi-family providers.
  3. Traffickers are men only. False, women and even minor children have been charged with trafficking others.
  4. Only the vulnerable become victims. Although there are predators that attempt to exploit runaways, homelessness and others, victims are found from across the demographic spectrum of income and socioeconomic status.
  5. Stranger danger. Again false.  Most victims know the trafficker.

If you see something, say something.

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